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watercolor on paper

What is art therapy?

art to heal, connect, develop, and thrive

We are creative beings - when we tap into that intuitive creativity, we can develop skills, access emotions, find understanding, process trauma, connect our body to mind, and make room for healing. Using art as a therapeutic tool creates a safe space to explore all of these things, foster physical and mental abilities, work with emotions, physically and visually enter the full timeline of our lives, connect with ourselves and others, and journey toward growth. It's a joyful, powerful, and accessible way to approach therapy, as diverse as each person who discovers it.

As an artist and art therapist in training, I have used art therapy in my own life for decades and am thrilled to offer it to others! I currently work in Freiburg, Germany with children in challenging life circumstances and adults affected by dementia and stroke.

art therapy with children in challenging life circumstances

art therapy with dementia and stroke affected adults

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